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An Italian iconic heritage collection
Taglio Leather Bag by Tonino Lamborghini
Taglio Backpack by Tonino Lamborghini
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Made in Italy

The Taglio (“cut”in Italian) line is inspired by the so-called 30° rule of the brand: the entire system revolves around an imaginary, dynamic line that reflects the equally dynamic figure of the raging bull.
The Carbon line features carbon fiber inserts that represent a tribute to the mechanical and engineering heritage of the legendary Bull brand.
Eye-catching and trendy, the Young line is dedicated to the millennial generation of Tonino Lamborghini customers..
The handbag is a real 2-in-1 accessory: a business bag plus a removable pochette with chain shoulder strap that can be also used as an external pocket when anchored to the main body of the bag.
Shield Lady, a high-end top handle bag, will soon become the it-bag of the Bolognese brand. With its essential and elegant design, the model is designed for a casual-chic street look.

Tonino Lamborghini’s previous experiences in his family businesses – from tractors to hydraulic components-, his knowledge of the automotive design and his love for Italian art have been key factors of his company vision and philosophy.
Since the foundation of his own company, his passion for engineering, mechanics and design has led Mr. Lamborghini to create a cutting-edge leather goods collections, traditionally handmade in Italy with the finest materials and high-end accessories. Still today, a distinctive characteristic of the Tonino Lamborghini brand is the constant quest for quality improvements and a strong aim to develop new and attractive design lines to satisfy the taste of a discerning clientele, always respecting the Lamborghinis’ DNA and family heritage.


Each Tonino Lamborghini leather accessory is created, conceived and manufactured in Italy in traditional workshops where Italian artisans bring to life the brand’s creations with the quality and attention to detail that have been distinguished Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle since 1981.The special selected leathers, Alce or Saffiano print and Kelly, are full grain calfskins that come from Italian raw materials and tanneries, an aspect that denotes a strong attention to sustainability, as well as an intrinsic value of Made in Italy.
The collection aims to offer to Tonino Lamborghini customers a range of accessories recognizable for comfort and functionality, as well as for design and refinement. Customers who love to travel and face new challenges, who live the contemporary world but always with a special interest in history and tradition, and who make quality and attention to detail their distinctive trait: a manifesto of the Tonino Lamborghini brand for almost 40 years.

Heritage and contemporaneity come together in the Tonino Lamborghini made in Italy leather goods collection. Italian craftsmanship, original design and quality of the leather: these are the hallmarks of the Bull brand collection, that outstands for the great attention to the production process and the accurate selection of materials. All accessories are embellished with the brand’s unmistakable logo, the red shield with the legendary “Charging Bull”, accompanied by the Tonino Lamborghini signature. Perfect for anyone who wants a functional accessory with uncompromising style. The collection is divided into three main lines: Taglio, Young and Carbon. Backpacks, weekend bags, office bags, wallets, business card holders and key rings are available in different colors ranging from the classic elegant black and blue to more vibrant shades typical of the Lamborghini family heritage, like orange and red. Each line is characterized by a detail strongly connected to the mechanical and engineering heritage of the brand: Taglio, inspired by the first best seller line created by Mr Lamborghini in the ‘80s; Carbon, with inserts in carbon fiber, a typical automotive element that combines lightness with high performance strength and eye-catching design; Young, modern and trendy, with a range of palette from the primary black of the logo iconography to three special colours rooted in the history of the Lamborghini family companies, from Lamborghini Trattori onwards.

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