Leather Goods Collection

Taglio Line by Tonino Lamborghini

The Taglio (“cut”in Italian) line is inspired by the so-called 30° rule of the brand: the entire system revolves around an imaginary, dynamic line that reflects the equally dynamic figure of the raging bull. This line has a 30° angle and is a key recognizable stylistic element of the entire Tonino Lamborghini Design System. Here it is used in contrasting colored details, both internal and external, on the Saffiano printed leather in order to emphasize the dynamism of the brand. A modern and daring line, dedicated to both man and women that love to distinguish themselves for their unique style.



Duffle Bag


Taglio Card Holder

Card Holder

Zip Around Wallet

Carbon Line by Tonino Lamborghini

The Carbon line features carbon fiber inserts that represent a tribute to the mechanical and engineering heritage of the legendary Bull brand and highlight the company’s great attention to the selection of precious materials for the branded leather goods collection. Carbon fiber is renowned for its sleek, modern appearance and is most often chosen for its performance. It boasts a combination of strength and lightness that, along with modern cosmetics, has made it a widespread favorite in today’s composite industry, from auto racing to aerospace. The Carbon line is dedicated to daring and pioneering people, who seek performance and uncompromising design in their everyday status symbol accessories.

Carbon Briefcase by Tonino Lamborghini


Carbon Backpack by Tonino Lamborghini


Carbon Duffle by Tonino Lamborghini

Duffle Bag

Young Line by Tonino Lamborghini

Eye-catching and trendy, the Young line is dedicated to the millennial generation of Tonino Lamborghini customers.. The absence of visible stitching accentuates the simplicity of each accessory and, at the
same time, defines its contemporary elegance. The colour palette of the line recalls the Lamborghini family heritage and tradition. Black symbolizes strength and power, but also elegance, resourcefulness and confidence. Red, orange and blue are special colours that have accompanied and characterized the family’s companies, from Lamborghini Trattori onwards. A special line that connects the past with the future and represents the sportive and challenging evolution if the brand.

Young Wallet by Tonino Lamborghini


Young Business Card Holder by Tonino Lamborghini

Business Card Holder

Young Key Ring by Tonino Lamborghini

Key Ring