Tonino Lamborghini Tokyo by Ferruccio Lamborghini

Together with Italian watch designer Fulvio Locci and a historical Swiss watches manufacturer, Ferruccio Lamborghini created eight new timepieces lines that elegantly combine his personal experience in the two-wheel world and the iconic heritage of the Tonino Lamborghini brand. The new Swiss watches models are high performing and dedicated to an audacious and resourceful clientele.

Tonino Lamborghini Tokyo - by Ferruccio Lamborghini
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The Models

The iconic Spyder timepiece branded Tonino Lamborghini dates back to 2008 when it was first designed and conceived as an homage to the legendary logo of the firing red shield enclosing the “Raging Bull”.
Spyderleggero is – as the Italian name denotes – lighter and more ergonomic than the previous models thanks to its titanium sandwich case and a more aggressive and fiercer design that is, at the same time, cleaner and smoother thanks to its well-defined lines.
The GT1 quartz chronograph takes its name from touring car models and is inspired by the
automotive heritage of the brand. This watch is characterized by a style that is strongly influenced by the car’s world
Cuscinetto dates back to 1983, when Tonino Lamborghini created one of his first watch models taking inspiration from a mechanical element, the ball bearing (in Italian, cuscinetto).
The Spyder watch, created in 2008 by Tonino Lamborghini Centro Stile, was born as a tribute to the shield that encompasses the famous “Raging Bull” of the brand’s logo.
The Spyder X has a more aggressive and sportive design thanks to unique signature details and characteristics, such as the exclusive “Start/Reset” buttons, the engraved iconic shield encompassing the Miura bull on the crown, leather straps with different color stitching and inserts.
Tonino Lamborghini has dedicated its first sub diver watch to sea enthusiasts, people who love to sail or dive and pursue in water the same challenges and goals they chase on the road.
Following the story and restyling of the Cuscinetto model, the “R” version, or Racing, conceived by watch designer Fulvio Locci, represents its sportive and challenging evolution.
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